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In Memory of John Stewart and Dorothy Boux

Boux and Stewart

We are sorry to announce that two of our long-standing authors have died within weeks of each other. Our thoughts are with their family and friends.

Many who have visited us at craft shows over the years will remember Dorothy Boux sitting at a board and writing out inspiring or humorous passages in beautiful calligraphy with a steady hand and without glasses well into her eighties. She started drawing at an early age, but her interest in calligraphy came later. She printed her first book herself on an old hand press.

Her books include, The Golden Thread, Images of Christmas, All the World’s a Stage, Woman: A Unique Tribute and Eternal One, all of which were written out by hand and illustrated with lovely watercolours.

Woman: A Unique Tribute   The Golden Thread Woman: A Unique Tribute  cat_callig_stage  eternal_one

John Stewart was also a prolific author, with two biographies, Standing for Justice and A Promise Kept and several novels, three of which, Visitors, The President and Prime Minister explore a radical way of dealing with the inequality which is such a disturbing and destabilizing feature of the world today. His last novel, Friend of Castlereagh, was centred on Northern Ireland where he was born.

Standing for Justice         The President - cover image     

Both authors will be dearly missed but will be remembered through their books.

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