Discovering God

A collection of illustrated meditations on the personality of God

Catharine Heron

ISBN: 9780856835056 - paperback

Dimensions: 88pp - 210 x 148mm - Original colour illustrations

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View sample pages


Chosen for Spring 2015 PEOPLE'S BOOK PRIZE COLLECTION for Non-Fiction

“This is a truly original work. It is marked throughout by a simplicity which is the outcome of a deep spirituality. It is profound and accessible, encouraging through the understanding of God and our life. The beautiful and deeply feeling illustrations are all of a piece with the writing, and together they make for inspirational meditations. It is a very special work indeed. I recommend it very highly.”
Richard Eyre, Dean Emeritus of Exeter Cathedral

“In a quiet, thoughtful tone, the 34 meditations – each a page long – develop ideas and thoughts around topics such as ‘God is Protective’, ‘God is Wise’, ‘God is Sustaining’, in a manner that allows the reader to reflect upon and deepen their experience of Christ as being the ‘perfect reflection of the nature of God’. The head and heart are both engaged, and this book speaks more to the human condition than can a shelf-full of scholarly theological volumes or strident fundamentalist polemics. I commend it.”                
Richard Skinner, poet and author

“Discovering God is a deeply insightful and extremely accessible set of meditations enriched and amplified by beautiful and sensitive illustrations – each one a meditation in itself.”  
Abbot Stuart, OSB

“This simplicity [of images] carries through to the language of the book, which is clear, direct, and eminently readable. Whilst being deeply rooted in the Gospels, with quotes and references where appropriate, the book is unburdened by theological jargon, and remains accessible to all.” Bernadette Meaden, Ekklesia. Read full review here. 

“The book exudes a loving peacefulness as it doubly engages the reader through its combination of word and complementary drawing.Margaret Daniels, Methodist Recorder

“There is so little out there for new Christians, but this would be perfect. Modern people struggle not just with believing in God, but understanding who he is and how he operates. This will plug that gap and does so gently.” The Church of England Newspaper


This book is about the soul reaching out to God, seeking understanding.

The author writes, “I set out to discover in the Gospels something of God’s Personality as He revealed Himself by becoming incarnate, living in human form. I have tried to express my thoughts, in words and in illustrations, in a very personal way. It has been enlightening!

“I hope [the pictures] illustrate that when we go through positive experiences, God shares these, and (importantly) when we are overwhelmed by negative feelings and all seems “darkness”, and we may even feel distant from God, in actual fact He is very close to us. Because Jesus suffered what we suffer, He shows us that He takes part in our “lows” as well as our “highs”.”

Part 1: Prologue, God is Creative, God is Spirit, God is Loving, God is Joyous, God is Universal, God is Powerful, God is Peaceable, God is Merciful and Forgiving. God is Compassionate, God is your Judge, God is Wise, God is All-Knowing, Go is Our Healer, God is Life-Giving, God is Our Guide, God is the Way, God is the Truth, God is the Light of the World, God is Reassuring, God is Supportive, God is Gentle, Humble and Kind, God is Protective, God is Sustaining, God is One, God is Holy and Eternal, Epilogue
Part 2: Prologue, God is in Positive Feelings, God is in Sorrow and Regret, God is in Fear and Panic, God is in Rejection and Loneliness, God is in Depression and Despair, God is in Frustration and Anger, God is in Suffering and Pain, God is in Anxiety and Stress, God is in Hope and Hopelessness, Epilogue, Conclusion

Author Details:
Catharine Heron has grown up in the Anglican church, developing a contemplative spirituality. She has lived and raised a family in the West Country and is using her art to express the search for deeper spiritual understanding.

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