España Britannia

A Bitter-Sweet Relationship

Alistair Ward

ISBN: 9780856834004 -eBook

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Anglo-Spanish Chronicler Marks Gib as ‘Symbol of Strength’ — Gibraltar Chronicle, Jonathan Sacramento

It takes us entertainingly through the peaks and troughs…we highly recommend this book“. — Everything Spain

This enjoyable read finds all sorts of connections that have both divided and united us.” — Living Spain , Hermione Summerville


This historical analysis of the political and religious relationship of Britain and Spain, from 12th-century dynastic alliances to the Spanish support of the English-American invasion of Iraq, asserts that there have been many significant links between the two countries over the past 800 years. While England and Spain were rivals in the New World, British and Spanish troops fought side by side for causes of mutual concern during the Peninsular War, Spanish Civil War, and World War II. This bittersweet relationship has been fundamental to Continental politics and the position of each country in the international realm.

Author Details:

Alistair Ward taught English as a foreign language in the Basque country. Espana Britannia is the result of 8 years’ research.


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