Ricardo’s Law


From Reviews:

“This is the fundamental reason … why the welfare state of the past 60 years has not worked”
Ashley Seager in The Guardian

“If the government were to carry out its revenue-raising function intelligently and fairly by replacing revenue from more damaging taxes with revenue from land value taxation, the changed price structure would enable the market economy to operate more freely and efficiently. That would go far to eliminate some of the problems that conventional economists now call market failure.” 
James Robertson in Working for a Sane Alternative

“The effect of charging a levy on the annual value of land would be much more than most economists will acknowledge … [benefiting] those struggling to enter the housing market … Don’t take my word for it. Read the book and become a knowledgeable advocate to help bring it about.”  Dr Francis Smith in Roof

“The argument for land value taxation is gaining ground among academics (although not politicians) and the book is a tour de force of the whole debate. For that it deserves careful study and Harrison deserves great credit.”   Dan Lewis in Planning in London

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