The Art of Industrial Warfare

The Most Powerful Industrial Combat Method in the World

Amar Manzoor

ISBN: 9780856832970 - Paperback

Dimensions: 166pp - 234 x 156mm - Diagrams - Colour photos - Index

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“A discovery which will dominate the business skyline for decades”
Alex Hawkridge, Formula One industrialist & Ayrton Senna’s Boss

“The geo-political analysis underlying the 7Tao presentation was very insightful. I think the trends and cycles for key areas tied to national security are of great value. I also thought the description of the different business models useful as well.”    Rear Admiral Jim Robb, USA Navy (Ret), ex Head of Top Gun

“In our experience, 7Tao has been able to increase productivity, empower employees, build teams, and provide 360 degree awareness.”      Casey Fleming, CEO, BLACKOPS Partners Corporation

“With respect to the current threat environment, organizations must immediately re-think their overall strategy as it relates to cyber and information security. 7Tao is impressive in its ability to drive this effort and the high-value results it delivers,”  
Eric Qualkenbush, former CIA senior executive (retired)

“The core values of 7Tao, honesty, integrity and good reputation are very much in line with our thinking at Virgin.”    Steve Ridgway, former CEO, Virgin Airlines

“One of the greatest threats to businesses in the Western world is a culture that makes them unable to compete with countries that don’t play by the same rules. A new system (7Tao) has already changed the culture of businesses in the United Kingdom, and has recently been released in the United States.”
From a review in the Epoch Times. Read full article here.


At the end of 2014 China overtook America as the world’s largest economy. Here is how they did it!

The Art of Industrial Warfare is an introduction to a new business management methodology, 7Tao, which was designed to combat the increasing menace of China’s growing industrial, economic and military might.

The West, having won the 20th century ideological battle between Soviet communism and Western capitalism, was slow to realise that the battle with China was no longer ideological but a straight fight between Chinese and Western capitalism.

A British company, 7Tao, was quick to realize that the 21st century would be dominated by this struggle between an emergent China and a declining USA, and, more generally, by a decline in the industrial dominance of the West and a rise in the importance of East Asia.

Appreciating that the existing Western business models were inadequate for countering the growing dominance of Chinese business, in 1999 the author developed and began teaching the art of industrial warfare through a powerful Chinese business methodology he named 7Tao.

To the Chinese, competing in the global economy is a combat discipline, so what better way of dealing with the situation than using their tactics? This book reveals some of the most inspiring secrets of the Chinese business practice of industrial warfare so that the West can compete again on a level playing field. It shows how factories, markets, and whole economic regions can benefit from adopting the mindset of industrial and economic warfare. 7Tao has been conducting industrial combat seminars across a large number of companies for over ten years, implementing the industrial fighting system and actually preparing companies for what will be a difficult future. The results were not just enlightening, they were astonishing.

Endorsements for Amar’s 7Tao system

“7Tao covers nearly every eventuality of dangerous opponents in an economy; detailing attack methods, tactics and strategy which hostile countries, enterprises and individuals will use to extract vital secrets and sensitive information. 7Tao’s  industrial warfare training provides infinite combinations of defense and attack methods which will allow the organization to identify threats in advance, allowing time for defensive preparation and counter attack.”  
Anthony Chapa, Assistant Director and Chief Technology Officer, US Secret Service, retired

“7Tao is the cutting-edge system for developing the new competitive skillset required to effectively compete in today’s technology-enabled, global economy. It brings out the diffused latent talent in every organization and powerfully orchestrates it into a focused brain trust at a much higher level. It’s the new standard in driving strategy, teamwork and protecting competitive advantage.”    Casey Fleming, CEO, BLACKOPS Partners Corporation

“7Tao is a powerful industrial warfare system. The impact and results begin to return immediately on the balance sheet. Attack methods balanced with the corresponding defense methods are so significant, practical and well articulated, that it fuses itself into any enterprise – government or private. The simulations of economic, industrial and transactional warfare are brutal economic and industrial war battles which allow the participant to develop higher-level skills and practice real-world industrial war and the real dangers of operating in a hostile economic landscape.”  
David Garza, Major General, United States Marine Corps, retired

“Something which every businessman must realise now – Queensberry rules are dead. Amar is right … He has created not only something unique but necessary in the corporate world in the absence of a level playing field.”   John Bradley, National Skills Academy for Manufacturing

“The 7Tao business improvement methodology has delivered outstanding results whenever it has been implemented.”
Greig Sneddon: Continuous Improvement Director:  Johnson Matthey

“If I hadn’t witnessed it myself, I never would have believed it’s power or results. Our executive team and staff were excited to participate. It resulted in sharp and permanent increases in productivity, empowerment, awareness, and trust. It’s part of our overall strategy today.”    Fortune 10 CEO

“Unbelievable results right across our transaction range, across every job we do and every process we undertake.”
Jamil Bohamad, Saudi Aramco International oil

“This is an excellent book. It is all about transactional relevance. Short, sharp, to the point and excellent. Does not waste time in theory land.”  
From a 5* Amazon customer review.
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Author Details:

Amar Manzoor is the Director of 7Tao Engineering Ltd. After pursuing an international and multicultural engineering education in Asia, North America and Europe, he gained several advanced degrees in Computer Science and Engineering as well as exposure to the companies of Lucas Aerospace, AlliedSignal Aerospace and Honeywell Aerospace where he cut his teeth in advanced manufacturing systems. During a 6-year stint teaching 80 advanced manufacturing firms world class manufacturing techniques, he embarked on a mission to design a business system based on the principles of Chinese business industrial warfare. He had a natural interest in what engineering would look like in fighting form because of his lifetime exposure to Asian fighting disciplines. He called the system ‘7Tao, The Art of Industrial War’.
Amar talks about 7Tao method and his book in this video.
Visit 7Tao’s website here.

Keywords: Chinese business, Economic war, Industrial warfare, World War 3, China World’s largest economy, 7Tao

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