Who’s Who in Stuart Britain

C. P. Hill

ISBN: 9780856831102 - Paperback

Dimensions: 480pp index - 214 x 136mm


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This is part of an eight-volume series providing short biographies of men and women from Roman to Victorian times. Each entry places the subject in the context of their age and evokes what was distinctive and interesting about their personality and achievement.The author has drawn on the latest research available in preparing these biographical essays which convey more than the bare facts of his subjects’ lives: he places them in the context of their time and evokes what was distinctive and interesting in their personality and achievement.

The biographies are arranged in a broadly chronological rather than alphabetical sequence so that the reader may easily browse from one contemporary to the next. The index, with its many cross-references, reveals further linkages between contemporaries. Presenting history in a biographical form complements the conventional approach. The men and women who have found their way onto these pages are not only those who have made their mark in church or state, but include artists, musicians, poets, inventors, explorers and others. Together they present a portrait of the age.

This volume focuses on Stuart Britain.

Author Details:
This volume is by Charles Peter Hill.

Keywords: Who’s Who in British History

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