The Advancement of Civilisation Table of Contents

Volume 1

Part 1: Foundations
Chapter 1: A Time to Live The Nature of History
Chapter 2: The Ages of Man The Great Cycles 
Part 2: Egyptian Civilisation
Chapter 3: God Beyond All Name Egyptian Philosophy and Religion 
Chapter 4: Giants in the Earth The Old Kingdom 
Chapter 5: Renewing Births The Middle and New Kingdoms and the Decline of Egypt 
Part 3: Graeco-Roman Civilisation: Homeric Culture
Chapter 6: Minotaur Theseus and Ancient Crete 
Chapter 7: Agamemnon’s Return Mycenaean Society 
Chapter 8: One is the Race of Gods and Men Culture and Religion 
Chapter 9: Since Peace is in the Land The Greek Polis 
Chapter 10:The Crown of Wild Olive The Olympic Games 
Chapter 11: Obedient to their Laws Lycurgus & Sparta 
Chapter 12: Model Cities Colonisation & Solon 
Chapter 13: The Tomb of the Body Pythagoras; Egyptian & Eastern Influences 
Chapter 14: The Gates of Heaven Reforms of Cleisthenes & the Battle of Marathon 
Chapter 15: Triumph of the Greeks The Persian War 
Chapter 16: Alliance into Empire The Delian League 
Chapter 17: The Classical Moment Athenian Culture 
Chapter 18: The Saving Bulwark Pericles 
Chapter 19: A Vision of Hidden Things The Philosophy of Unity 
Chapter 20: Death of a Culture The Peloponnesian War 
Part 4: Graeco-Roman Civilisation: Hellenistic Culture
Chapter 21: A Draught of Hemlock The Teaching of Socrates
Chapter 22: Scourge of Tyranny The Career of Epaminondas 
Chapter 23: Philosopher Kings Plato’s Political Philosophy 
Chapter 24: Son of Zeus Alexander the Great 
Chapter 25: Our Fathers’ Mingled Blood The Foundation of Rome 
Chapter 26: Sacred Fire Numa Pompilius
Chapter 27: Brave Days of Old The Kings of Rome
Chapter 28: Destined to Grow Great The Republic Conquers Italy
Chapter 29: Natural Justice Growth of Roman Government and Law
Chapter 30: Tempered in the Fire War with Carthage
Chapter 31: The Fetters of Greece The Roman Conquest of Greece
Chapter 32: Land and Liberty The Gracchi’s Land Reform 
Chapter 33: Cruel Men of Rome Decline of the Republic 
Chapter 34: But One Only Man Julius Caesar 
Chapter 35: A Better Age of Gold The Rule of Augustus 
Part 5: The Rise of Christian Civilisation
Chapter 36: I Am the True Vine The Life of Jesus Christ
Chapter 37: When Uricon the City Stood Roman Britain
Chapter 38: Care of the Churches St Paul and the Early Church 
Chapter 39: One True Nobility The Empire from Trajan to Marcus Aurelius 
Chapter 40: Saints and Martyrs The Growth of the Church to the Council of Chalcedon 
Chapter 41: Long Autumn of Empire The Fall of the Western Empire and the Creation of Constantinople 
Index of Maps

Volume 2

Image Acknowledgements
Part 1: The Creation of Medieval Culture
Chapter 1: The Once and Future King King Arthur
Chapter 2: A Being Self-sufficient Boethius
Chapter 3: The Way Found by Us The Empire of Justinian
Chapter 4: One Sacred Work The Beginning of Monasticism
Chapter 5: Servant of the Servants of God Gregory the Great
Chapter 6: Beneath the Banner of Muhammad The Rise of Islam
Chapter 7: The Bonds of Kinship The Nature of the Anglo-Saxons
Chapter 8: A Host of Heroes The Growth of Unity in Anglo-Saxon England
Part 2: The Carolingian Renaissance
Chapter 9: New Athens The Age of Charlemagne
Chapter 10: The Greatest Treasure-giver of all the Kings Alfred the Great
Chapter 11: The Peace of all Christians Otto the Great
Chapter 12: The Annihilation of Hades The Byzantine Empire under the Macedonian Emperors
Chapter 13: Cruel Injustice Feudalism in the Eleventh Century
Chapter 14: Redemption John Scotus Eriugena and Anselm
Part 3: The Twelfth Century Renaissance
Chapter 15: The Royal and Ancient Seat The Character of Paris in the Twelfth Century
Chapter 16: How Shall a Man not Sing? The Awakening of Reason
Chapter 17: The Land which He had Promised Them Economic Revival in the Twelfth Century
Chapter 18: Under God and the Law Henry II and the Common Law
Chapter 19: Soldiers of Christ Chivalry and the Crusades
Chapter 20: The Imitation of Christ Crisis in the Medieval Church
Chapter 21: The Law Makes the King Magna Carta and the English Parliament
Chapter 22: La Douce France St Louis
Part 4: The Decline of Medieval Culture
Chapter 23: The Love that Moves the Sun Dante and Late Medieval Italy
Chapter 24: Houmout; Ich Dene The Black Prince and the Hundred Years’ War
Chapter 25: The Roots of the Truth Faith Wycliffe and Hus
Chapter 26: The Dance of Death The End of the Middle Ages

Volume 3

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Chapter 1: The City of Good Government The Master Builders of Quattrocento Florence
Chapter 2: Rejoice in the Present The Sources of the Florentine Renaissance
Chapter 3: At the Feet of the Master The Growth of the Renaissance
Chapter 4: The New Found Land Exploration and Land Development
Chapter 5: The Way of Reason Religious and Social Conflict in the Sixteenth Century
Chapter 6: This Side of the Sea and Beyond The Siege of Malta 1565
Chapter 7: The Melody of our Sweet Isle The Elizabethan Age
Chapter 8: Men of Butter William the Silent and the Dutch Struggle for Independence
Chapter 9: The Seven Sounding Harmony The Origins of Modern Science
Chapter 10: The Lion of the North Gustavus Adolphus and the Thirty Years War
Chapter 11: Whose Slaves the Poor Shall Be? The Civil War in England
Chapter 12: Batavian Freedom The Golden Age of the Dutch
Chapter 13: “Nec Pluribus Impar” The Defeat of Louis XIV
Chapter 14: No More Worlds to Conquer The Seven Years War
Chapter 15: The Reward Due to Valour Thomas Jefferson’s Vision of America
Chapter 16: Vienna Gloriosa Mozart and the Emperor Joseph II
Chapter 17: A Fall of Snow on Blossoming Leaves The French Revolution
Chapter 18: With Pomp of Waters, Unwithstood Victory over Napoleon
Chapter 19: Freedom Rejected Immanuel Kant and the Reform of Prussia
Chapter 20: Above the Vaulted Sky The Industrialisation of England
Chapter 21: A Son of Liberty The Unification of Italy
Chapter 22: God’s Private Secretary Florence Nightingale
Chapter 23: The Last, Best Hope of Earth The American Civil War
Chapter 24: The Liberty of the Nation Liberal England and Imperial Germany
Chapter 25: The Magic Mountain The Development of Science from the Nineteenth Century
Chapter 26: The Swift Iron Burning Bee The First World War
Chapter 27: “Beacons in the Night” Artists and Writers c1850-1945
Chapter 28: An Armistice for Twenty Years The Causes of the Second World War
Chapter 29: Victory over Tyranny The Second World War